Our trip to Vullmer Farm

This post was inspired by Mrs. Tara.  Thanks, for the prompt!
This past Friday we went with a local homeschool group to a farm about an hour from our house.
Vullmer Farm is an amazing and super fun place to go as a family or with a school.
It has a mini zip line, underground slide, huge corn box, corn maze, hay ride, animals, butter making station, and so, so much more!
We all had a great time with friends and our family.
I was also able to get some really nice pictures!
We had a great time at the farm!
Have you been on any good field trips recently?


Anonymous said...

Lovely, thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures once again.....what fun it will be for you in the years to come, to look back on all the pictures you have taken and all of the activities you all have shared. Love you guys...

G said...