A Change... I need your Input

In the beginning,
my blog was a place to record family memories and to document our journey through life.
I have enjoyed posting Bethany and Kaden Quotes,
and writing about my family's life.
This may sound a little selfish,
but I have rarely written about me.
About my journey through life, and how I feel about my family's journey.
That is going to change.
I began to rethink the reason I have a blog.
At the start, in 2011, I begged my parents to let me start a blog.
I loved to read about other families and their adoption journey, even though my own family hadn't started our adoption process yet.
I was so inspired and encouraged when I read what genuine people wrote about their beliefs and their walk with God.
Those people have an amazing gift,
and I want to try to develop my gift of writing.
I want to write vulnerably, from deep in my heart.
And so,
I am now going to start writing more of my journey and my honest, true thoughts.
I will still be posting a lot about Bethany, Kaden, and the rest of the family,
but I am a part of the Gilbarte family, and I will use my voice, too.
So please, tell me what you want me to write about!
I want to hear your opinion, and any suggestions, tips or ideas you have.
And I have some exciting news to post soon!
(And no, we aren't adopting again... yet.:))


Anonymous said...

Well I want to go to DR Congo permanently so I have followed your blog because your family adopted from there. I wanted to see how it went good and less so. The blog has been great (I follow about ten similar ones). But it is really the hole family, and that includes your parents that are interesting in how do they handle two new kids with a very different back ground.
As long as it is about you and your family I will follow it. That said I think Bethany is one of the cutest kids anywhere from DRC, though Kaden is growing on me and I like his care for his sister...
Wish you and your great family all the best.
A. Nielsen, Vancouver, Canada.

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing writer and very personable, look forward to hear more about you and what is in your beautiful heart. TP

elizabethquiver said...

Just hearing your heart thoughts is a blessing. I hear such an echo of my own heart when I read your writing.