April 25, 2013 - a day of HOPE

Today 2 years ago my parents gave the second chance I couldn't ask for.
A second chance at life.
The day had come.
Can't say I was ready, but I was willing.
The 3 agonizing months my parents spent trying to make me regain my health just were not working.
My eating disorder was winning, and the prize was my life.
None of us could continue on like this; it wasn't just killing me, it was taking us all.
My parent did all they possibly could, nothing worked.
Thursday, April 25th 2013, Bethany, my parents, and myself traveled to Durham, NC.
That morning I stepped through a door that I would not (permanently) walk out of for four months.
During those 4 months I would experience more change than I ever had before.
I would transform in every sense of the word.
That day I experienced so many different emotions.
But oddly enough I felt so much peace.
I walked into a kitchen and actually ate without a fight.
I walked into a group of girls and boys around my age and was accepted with open arms.
It always makes me smile when I think of the girls fighting over which table "got me" at meal times. 
I was actually wanted there, it was another second chance for me.
The family atmosphere was amazing, I immediately became one of them.
All the rejection and outsider feeling I experienced didn't exist there.
I was encouraged, understood, supported, loved, acknowledged, accepted... need I go on?
Yes, I got all of this in my family,
and no, this didn't exist at all for me around my peers back home.
Don't me wrong, those days were some of the hardest, scariest, and saddest of my life,
but even that black cloud had a very promenade silver lining.
In all the darkest moment, there was always someone who helped me through it and made me a better person in the process.

I met my "sisters" there, and made one of the best friends of my life who would support me and be God's hands and feet for me when I was too weak to go on. 
I'll share more about this someday, but for now I'll leave you
with what this day 2 years ago meant to me. 
In a single word - Hope. 

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So proud of you