A new sister and brother

We got the pictures and...accepted!!  I have a new little brother and sister all the way in Congo!  Their names are Chance and Benjamin.   We might chance the names, but we aren't sure.  We were joking that we are, "taking a Chance, and getting Benjamin:)" Chance, the little girl, is three years old and looks like a little rascal!  The little boy is 7 months old and is malnourished.  He looks like a quiet, sweet baby.  I wish i had them home right now!  But we are very fortunate compared to almost all other adopting families.  Our agency's lady told us that we have an average of 4 months after the home study is finished. we are expediting the home study and might have them home in 6 months.  Please pray for my brother and sister in Congo, and please pray for us.


Kelly said...

Looks like we need a bigger beach house! :) We are so happy for your family and ours. I can't wait to see all these new little rascals running around together!

Anonymous said...
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