Our favorite family movies

Here are a few movies that our family loves.  The majority are Christian, and they are all appropriate for young children.  There are so many movies that aren't the best for Christian families, but these are fun and beneficial.  All add some movies later as i remember/find more.
This is the first movie in the Mandie Shaw series.  
This is the third and most recent movie in the Mandie series. 
This is the second movie in the Mandie series. 

This is a movie that a family of seven made. 

This is a great movie based on a true story.

the Sugar Creek Gang, a definite favorite!

That is all i have so far, but i'll add more!

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Kelly said...

We just saw Dolphin Tale the other night and really liked it! We'll have to get that for when you all are here. I know the girls would love to watch with you all.