Thursday and Friday...

So here are the promised pictures from play practice.  These are pictures from the dress rehearsal last night.  It went really well, and we are READY for opening night, which is tonight.  
Hanging out in the green room


Katie, and I are the Indian women

Little Mazie, who is only five is SO amazing in her acting abilities! 

Is it time for me to go on?

Today, we got up really early this morning to go to travel to the place where we would get immigration fingerprints.  My mom and dad got up at 3:45 am, and I got up at 4:45ish, and Brandon and David got up and went to the car in their pajamas at around 5:00.  We have had long nights with the play practices and early mornings, but I love it.  One more step in the adoption DONE!
It was still dark when we first arrived




running4him said...

Looks pretty cool!!! Keep it up!! I love performing!!

Emma said...

So cool, I hope the play went well!