I Never Realized What a Wonderful Sight the Ranger Station Was

Our grandparents are in town, and we have been having a really fun time with them!
Yesterday we went to a state park to walk on the trails.  It was a lot of fun!
But then we got lost.
No, we were not stranded out in the wilderness able to be eaten by bears,
we just couldn't figure out house to get back.
First of all we looked at a map and saw a fun 1 mile boardwalk path, and decided to take it.
We saw frogs...
and flowers... and butterflies...
And best of all a snake!
At the end of the boardwalk we looked at the map again and saw a 2 mile path that would take us
back to start.
Or so we thought.
At the end of the 2 mile trail we took another that brought us here:
to a river.
We walked back and took another path that brought us here:
to a road.
We walked on the road for about three miles to here
and then to here
where we saw this
 And took one last trail
here.  Never knew the ranger station was such a wonderful sight!

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