My Sister

When I was going through  my pictures and picking a few out to post
I saw that I have 3,007 photos on my memory card!
The first picture was taken December 16, and was of Bethany on the first morning she went to church.
She looks like such a little baby there...
Now she is almost 11 months old.  She is crawling, babbling, and she has finally stopped gagging on anything that is not perfectly mashed.
We can see a lot of her personality, and she is very spirited!
It is getting so close to the time last year when we saw her picture for the very time.
The second I heard that the orphanage had a baby girl I knew. 
I just knew that she was ours.
We didn't know very much about her then.
The email was very short.
The picture were really very bad...
But that didn't matter.  We knew that the little baby who was millions of miles away was our baby.
Our baby who would one day be in our home.
Who would be our sister/daughter.
And that was enough.
We love her so much!

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Emma said...

Cutest kid ever!