My Prayer - Answered!

This is a school paper that I wrote as part of my creative writing class.
I want to share it here, as I feel it shows my heart towards my sister.
Though this is about Bethany, I want to make it very clear that I feel the same way about Kaden, and that he is every bit as much of an answered prayer and blessing.
It was because of the assignment requirements that I do not mention him in this paper.
That being said, please enjoy!
As I gaze down at the treasure sitting contently in my lap, I become keenly aware of something. My dream, my hope, my prayer, has been answered.  I think back to the years of waiting, hoping and dreaming that slowly slid away as I waited.  Even now the truth has yet to penetrate my brain.  My dream has been realized, and yet I fail to realize it. “Do you know who that is?” I ask, twisting one of her braids in my finger. 
“That’s baby me!” She exclaims, recognizing the picture. 
“Yes,” I say, “that is baby you.”  I stop there.   Her two-year-old mind isn’t quite ready to take in the words that have been collecting in brain.  The day will come when we both will be ready; she will be ready to hear, and I to tell.  I want to be able to tell her adequately how cherished she is.  How she is the answer to years of prayer.  How she helps to light the spark that sets the fire in my heart alive.  Her story isn’t mine to tell, but I have a role in it. 
As I have a role in her story, she has a role in mine.  My story goes back to the early years of my childhood, and creeps on up to today.  It goes back to my three-year-old self praying at night for a baby sister.  It goes back to my eight-year-old self longing for a baby to love.  It goes back to my twelve-year-old self, trusting that my prayer would be answered.  And it comes up to today, as my answered prayer sits in my lap. 
So many times I have taken this for granted.  So many times my selfishness doesn’t recognize the miracle of her.  I get caught up in the day-to-day living and fail to make the most of every moment.  Love is a choice that I must make, and today I choose to make it.  I choose to embrace every stage, every day, and every opportunity.  It is not a one-time decision, but one that I must make every day.  I have made my choice, and I choose to love. 

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Evan said...

I have never even met you, yet I am constantly left utterly speechless at what an amazing young lady you are! Beautiful post girl!