Music Video - Journey to My Promise (One Thousand Years by Christina Perri)

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
I hope every one of you had a wonderful holiday.
I want to share this music video Bethany, David, Kaden and I made yesterday.
The song is by Christina Perri.
I found it while watching Frozen clips on YouTube with Bethany:)
The song is amazing,
and is the exact story to how I found Bethany - part of my treasured promise.
I feel guilty because so often I celebrate Bethany and what a wonderful gift she is, while not acknowledging Kaden enough.
He is a treasure too!
So while this song is about Bethany, know that Kaden is my answered prayer too, and we love him to death.
With that,
Enjoy the video!
(and feel free to share!)


Gandy said...

Couldn't pull up the video.....what can I do?

Brittany said...

Gandy! Ill talk to dad about putting it on YouTube. That way it should come up. Love you!