The Power of Prayer - Pray with Me for the Mac Family!

I'm a work in progress, people. 
So often I think I've finally learned something and then I turn around and God's like, "Wait!  I have so much more to teach you about that!"
So I'm taught more by the master teacher.
One little glitch I have is that I'm a forgetter.  I'll memorize something for school, and then when the test is over, poof!  It's gone.
But not when God teaches me something. 
I carry the lessons he's taught with me all the time.  And right when I need them the Holy Spirit brings them to mind.
Lately God has been teaching me a lot about prayer.
I've kind of always done it, but it's been only recently that I've really seen the power of it.
And that's been incredible.
To see God work and feel like I'm a part of it is amazing!
And I want you all to experience that too!
In 4 days (Saturday, April 4) the Maciaszek's are leaving for China to bring home their oldest daughter, Joy.
This family is one of the best you could ever meet.
They are genuine, keep it real, love hard and follow wherever God leads. 
In only *four* days they will leave for China to meet and bring home their 13 year old daughter, Joy.
My sweet friend, Ashleigh Stem, and I are organizing people to pray for them while they're gone.
We are asking each of you to sign up for at least one 15 minute time slot and pray for them during that time.
We have a list of things to pray for for  anyone who wants to see it on the site.
Please, friends, lets step forward as the body of Christ and pray for this precious family!
Please sign up here: Prayer for the Mac Fam.
Thank you!!
Capturing Joy

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gandy said...

Just when we think you have thought of every way possible to come up with a new idea, you surprise us with another idea! I can't seem to get this to go, but want you to know that we will pray for this family each day they are away from 9 to 9:15...Thanks for the opportunity to learn about them...