The Aventure Begins...

It's totally a surreal, yet unreal time.
We leaving for mission training at 2pm tomorrow...
Let the adventures begin!!
I'm beyond excited, anticipating 16 days of total transformation and life change.
While living in the present, my motto is "Selah and Someday".
I've always loved the Hebrew word "Selah", meaning, "pause and remember".
I stop and remind myself of what God has done, and look forward to what God is doing and is going to do.
I was reminded today of how this all started for me..
That night at youth group where I got the clear, simple and confusing message.
I didn't know a thing about the country, and I knew nothing of missions there.
But, a couple months later, our youth group announced a missions trip there, and the rest is history.
Here's the short version of our trip:
Our adventure will begin tomorrow when we arrive in Raleigh for 3 days of intense training.
We will learn an 18 minute evangelistic drama to preform the cities of Nicaragua.
After 3 days in Raleigh, our team will fly out on 6 different planes (basically going 6 different directions, EEEK!).
But the end result will be the same when we end up in Nicaragua.
From there... well, we aren't quite sure. 
The detail we've been given are fuzzy, but that's alright. 
Prayers are needed, so keep 'em coming!
We appreciate you all so much, and be prepared for long update when we return.
Love you all!

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