A Taste of Africa

These precious girls and the rest of the African Children's Choir were incredible!  
It was such a blessing to have them come to Reimage Church to sing and give us a taste of the beauty Uganda. 
My heart is in Africa these days.
Plans are in the works, dreams are becoming realities, and best of all, God is working.

And the joy of hosting these sweet girls and "Auntie Dorthy" was icing on the cake.
I thank God for their resiliency and grace after a crazy morning like the one we had...
But just like my new friend, Ms. Tina, said, "No matter what happens, these kids will bounce back."
So true.  I witnessed it.
Their joy was contagious, their smiles were countless, and their heart for the Lord is to be envied.
At 7-9 years old, they have a boldness for and trust in God that far exceeds that of many adults. 
These girls are a joy, and they are changing the world... one song at a time. 

"When I was in my mother's womb, you knew me.  Before I was born, you set me apart." 
- Jeremiah 1:5 


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