South Africa - 11 days

The countdown became serious as soon as 50 days until South Africa hit.
Now we are at 11.

Oh my goodness... 

I remember coping the days into my planner, beginning at about 90.  Counting down from 60, to 45, to 30, to 20 and so on.  It was a breeze at first - quick and easy. 
Then I hit 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, it became tedious, and dragged on and on.  In the back on my mind I was thinking, "I'll never make it.  There so much time."  
Time passed, and week four hit, then three, then two.

But there was still so much to do.  

Final exams, Jr/Sr, tests, soccer tournament, honors society zoo trip, etc., etc., etc.
But now, at 11 days left, most of that is over.  Exams have been exempted, tests have been taken, the soccer tournament is a thing of the past, the zoo trip is now memories and pictures... and now 12 days are left and reality has stuck.

South Africa 2k16, is almost here.  Really and truly, it is almost here.  
Wow, you guys, lets do this.
Departure in 11 days.

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