Farm Day for the Creshe

Friday morning found us in a bustle of activity as we scrambled about to make preparations for visiting the farm with the kids from the preschool.
I am finding that everyday here is characterized by a whirlwind of busy activity, and while the business is constant, the things needing to be done varies.
Thursday, the day before the field trip, Mrs. Mimi and I scrambled around town making sure everything was in place.  Everything from buying rolls and "paloney" (an African spin on baloney), to picking up the "jumping castle", to buying a huge amount of Russian sausage, allowed me to see more of South Africa and get more a feel for the culture and people.  
Friday morning there were still things to do, but first on the list was to run out to the farm, referred to as a "plot".  Mrs. Mimi dropped me off at the plot to help set up, before she drove to town to pick up the kids.  

An hour later we heard cars driving up the gravel road, and smiled in anticipation of seeing the children's faces as they experienced something so out of the ordinary for them.  
Minutes later a second and third car drove up, and the kids hopped out of the car and looked around in wide-eyed amazement.  

After arriving, Mrs. Mimi led them over to the "dam", a large concrete pool with fish in it.
Soon afterwards, the kids all sat down to listen as the adults went over safety instruction, more for our sakes than theres.  Rolls and boiled eggs were passed out for breakfast as the "jumping castle" was set up and excitement built.  

Love this team.

The jumping castle was a huge success, and a first for almost all the kids.  I laughed as I watch Ms. Dorah, the lady who began to preschool, hop into the jumping castle with all her kids and enjoy every minute of it.  

Next on the schedule was a hay ride around the farm, with a stop to see the chickens and pigs of course.  It was so cute to watch the kids as they took everything in.  Then to hear them spot the bounce house in the distance and shout "Shum-ping cast-el!  Shum-ping cast-el!" over and over again.  They are seriously the cutest kids, and I am loving the opportunity to get to know them and their unique - and adorable - personalities.  Tomorrow I will be at the cresh (preschool) all day for the first time, and I am looking forward to the experience.  I am definitely growing and learning big-time here, and it's pretty great.  

Seriously, she is the sweetest thing! 

How am I kidding, they all are.

This little guys is really working his way into my heart.  The extra care I gave him began as necessity.  He's a tiny little guy, slower than most of the other kids.  When I would pick him up and carry him, he would just sit there, but little by little he is beginning to interact with me, pat my shoulder and talk in his tiny little voice in a language I don't understand and wish for his sake that I did.  A few hours into the field trip, DK, one of the creshe teachers, looked and me and said, "Yo, Brittany, looks like you've found yourself a son!"  That wasn't the only comment of the kind that I heard that day.  Yes, I've been here a week and it feels like home.  

Next up was lunch, followed by more time on the Jumping Castle.  
Finally, before the kids left, we had a photo shoot with them and the teachers. 


Such a sweet pair of siblings. 

Serving with

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