Week 9: Colorado, Glorious Colorado

Week 9.  We hit a huge milestone with week with the arrival of our two month mark.  If you had asked me two months ago – goodness, two weeks ago, even – if I thought we were going to make it to this point, I would have given an exceedingly doubtful answer.  
Yet we’ve hit and passed our milestone and we’re loving (nearly) every minute of it. Colorado has me spellbound at its wondrous and unceasing beauty, and I have to admit that I've fallen completely in love with it.  From the cool (Kaden would call it freezing and check for snow) mornings, to the snow-tipped mountains that seem to stretch unceasingly on, to the glorious hours spent exploring God’s breathtaking creation, this week has been wonderful.  
We spent almost a full week at a campground in near Gunnison, CO.  It was nestled in a little valley between countless mountains that seemed to stretch on forever.   We were in such a remote area that we had no cell phone service, and I found I rather enjoyed the break from instant everything.  David and I climbed mountains throughout the week, going on one adventure or another nearly everyday.  
The campground was as close as it gets to ideal – David and I could go out exploring whenever we wanted, Brandon had access to small basketball court, the younger ones could spend time at the pool or playing putt putt, and I could escape to lodge and get lost in my writing whenever I wished.  It was rather glorious J.  
Thursday morning we said a regretful goodbye to our site and traveled a couple hours to a state park in Ridgway, CO.   Though it lacked the extra activities of the previous site, it all but made up for it in natural beauty.  We spent only two days in the park,  enjoying its beauty and exploring a bit more before packing up and setting off Saturday morning.  Now we're headed off to Utah, but we've enjoyed Colorado so much that we've decided to return after that. Yes, the state truly has us under its spell. 
above: reading as a family at an overlook  


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