TVR Christian Camp

We have been at TVR on the family retreat, and haven't been able to blog lately, but here is what we did.
TVR stands for Teen Valley Ranch, which is a Christian camp up in the mountains for families, or individuals to go and have fun in Christ centered environment.  They have everything from horses to zip-lines, and is a really great place.  They have sessions (church/bible studies) twice a day, and wonderful worship services.  It is a great place to go to seek God and pray.


Beka said...

Sounds like ALOT of fun!! Glad you had a good time!:)

Michlyn said...

What a fun trip! We also have a Christian camp that has different camps all year round! It is really amazing! Hope to hear from you soon!

I know that is can be nice to just leave and go some where as a family. My family did that just a couple weeks before my parents left for Ethiopia - It was really nice to do before they left for 9 days!