Our (very late) Christmas/New Years/Happy That Grandparents are Here Party

This year we new we wanted to have a Christmas party with Kaden.
Nothing fancy, just a simple party with simple games, etc.
We planned on it, but it didn't happy before Christmas.
So we decided to make it a New Years Party.
But it didn't happen before - or after- New Years.
So we decided just do the week after New Years, and it didn't happen then either.
Finally, when we heard that our grandparents would be coming to visit we deiced to do it with them...
and we did!
We made the "healthier" version of gingerbread houses with peanut butter and cream cheese instead of using the tradition kits.
It was a lot of fun!
We gave Kaden two graham crackers and let him put whatever he wanted on it,
and the rest of us made little houses.
He did a lot of smiling...
...and eating!
There were a few construction problems here and there,
but nothing that eating a couple of bites wouldn't fix:)
This is probably one of the best things about being homeschooled.
We are so fixable.  If something doesn't happen before Christmas- or New Years - we are able to turn it into a late celebration or make up a new one.
What about you?  Do you have any different celebrations or ways to celebrate?


Emma said...

Mmm.. looks like fun!

Gandy said...

What fun we had doing that - and eating pieces late into the night! You are right about the flexability of homeschool - you have such a great routine and you know what will be when and who will do what..that is the beauty of an organized day which can be interrupted if necessary. My hat is off to all 7 of you..