The Life Of A Gilbarte Brother Part 1

The Life of Gilbarte Brother
Brandon, David and Kaden are helping me write this post about what it is like the be a boy in the Gilbarte family.
I'll have a couple interviews in this post, but first of all I'd like to write a little bit about my brothers...
Oh, boy.
As their sister, I can tell you that they can be the the most hilarious, exasperating, cute and funny people ever.
No, not even that can cover their personalities, so hopefully these interviews
 will give you a better look.
During the time these pictures and interviews were taken, my mom was up stairs putting Bethany to sleep. 
Things were getting a little hectic, so I tried to convince everybody to sit down and do something quiet, but all you other big sisters or Moms or babysitters know how that can go...
Yeah, things had gone from this:
to this:
To this:
I asked the boys to explain what was going on in these pictures.  Kaden's answer was rather vague, but was right to the point.  Word for word, Kaden's description was this:
 "where is Kaden? stuck!  Brandon, David, stuck.  David.  On!  Off no."
Yeah.  You get the idea.

So we had to start from scratch, and achieved this:
Which lasted about 20 seconds.
Anyway, being a Gilbarte brother is described as...
Kaden:  "Fun, yes!"
Brandon: "it's a big change."
David: "fun..."

According to Kaden, days are filled with, "Jesus, owie, Daddy bye-bye.  Hallelujah almen."
Brandon, though would describes it as,
"tiring. But it's fun. It's fun to show him [Kaden] new stuff, but sometimes it can get kind of tiring. During school I play with Kaden last and try to get his energy out, I'll go outside if it's cold or raining or anything. He'll ride his bike."

Some people they might consider adopting more children, but they think it will take away from their other kids.  What do you say?
"I think it will take time way, but I also think that you should ask them about it.  You should ask them what they think about adding another person into their family.  And also if you think that God has called you to adopt, I think you should, but if he hasn't, and you want to I think you should seek him in prayer and if he says yes, that would be great.  But if he says no, then you shouldn't try to make it work if he hasn't called you to."

Yeah, Brandon is wise beyond his years. 

So this is part one,
but I need all you guys to help me with part 2. 
Do you have any questions for Brandon, Kaden or David?  Any comments or thoughts about their answers?
We would love to hear them, and answer the questions in the next post.  Until then, we'll leave you with this:


Kelly said...

Who's their favorite aunt? :)

The Mac Fam said...

What a great post. And how fun to interview them and get their thoughts.

Ireland said...

I LOVE this! It's so sweet!!! :)

And Brittany, I'm hosting a giveaway right now, I'd love for you enter!!! :)