Bethany's big day

Bethany had a big day today!
It started out with a bang when she decided to pour her own cereal, and well, you'll see...
Then Dad went on duty while my mom and  went to thrift stores until lunch.
Lunch was pretty uneventful, and so was nap time.
After nap, we were off to see a puppet show put on by members of our church.
Bethany really enjoyed it! She even got to pet a dog puppet.
We dropped David and Kaden off to a hockey game that Brandon and my dad were at,
and went to Noodles and Company.
Where Bethany laughed, sang, smiled and generally behaved herself beautifully.
And then when we were about to go, I noticed she felt a little wet.
You know what that means...
Bethany had soaked right through her night time diaper and clothes.
So off the home and the bath it was.
There we go!
Now we're just reading books and hanging out with the sweetest little girl ever!


Ashleigh Stem said...

Bethany is so adorable! Are you and your family possibly involved with an adoption family group in town? Miss seeing you like we did when we had science class! Have a great week!

Emma said...

Love it! She is adorable!