Kaden Quote 10

"Brush my piles!"  Kaden said one night as we were getting ready for bed.
"Your piles?" I questioned.  "Piles of what?"
"Teeth!" he answered.  "I have yas and yas (lots and lots) of piles!"
You heard it here, first!
Teeth now come in "piles"!

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Evan said...

This is funny! Looks like there's a pile missing in the front.

Sweet Brittany,

I was more than happy to comment on your blog because I find you an absolute delight! From what I have learned about you through your blog you seem just like the kind of girl I want my daughters to look up to. I mean that with all my heart! The LORD has blessed you with a voice through your blog and you show such poise and grace even when letting us all in on your struggles. That my dear is bravery! May God bless you. I look forward to following you.