Bethany Quote #1 And Her Speech

We are so proud of Bethany.
She has just started to talk and use words!
For the longest time, since she was maybe 9 months or so, we used simple signs for words like
"more", "please", "thank you", "all done", "blankie", "drink," etc. 
She is almost two, so my parents decided to have a team come to evaluate her, mainly for speech.
She was very advanced in all areas... except speech.
We were thinking we would start speech therapy,
but Bethany decided that would be necessary and started talking!
When she was around 6 months old she began to say "da da."  We pretended like it was unfair of her to recognize my Dad before my mom or any one else.
But as she grew old we noticed that "da da" was whatever she happened to be looking at at the time.
Then mom was "da da", I was "da da" and Dad was "da da". 
I guess she was being fair after all!
Then da da trailed off and we stopped hearing it.
Then came her first real word:  "woof."
Yes, that was really the first thing she said.
We would all ask her,
"Bethany, what does the doggie say?"
and she would respond in a low, growly sort of "woof."
Our dog, Whitey, was proud!
Now Bethany (at almost 2) says
"doggie", "baby", "juice", "mommy," "daddy,"  "Na Na," (for siblings) "whitey", "no!" (That was big for a while!) "yes" and one of my favorites which is "more".  She says it like "mo" and asks, "mo Mom, mo!"  its is so cute to hear!
She also sings.
The boy taught her how to sing "Let it go,"
and no, we haven't seen Frozen.
Bethany's also picked up on Kaden's favorite song; "What Does the Fox Say?"
She'll answer, "ding ding ding da ding."
Yep, she knows her stuff!
So all in all, we're super proud of our little girl. 
She is so amazing and makes us laugh all the time.
I leave you with the first ever,
Bethany Quote!!!
This happened two nights ago while my dad and I were helping Kaden get ready for bed. 
We read books, and sang songs with him and were just finishing our good nights when Bethany walked in.
"Defany, Defany!" He said excitedly, "you forgot sing and read with me!  Chickens!"
She looked at him for a second and then swung her arm in the air replying,
"all man!"
It was sooooo funny.
Well, I hope you all enjoyed the first Bethany Quote!  More to come soon, hopefully!


Gandy said...

Another visit with the ever growing Gilbarte book of memories...You will all look back on your posts in the future and will remember what your days were like, Another good post, B....Love you

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pretty nice blog, following :)