Bethany's 2nd Birthday

Today Bethany is 2 years old! 
Happy birthday, Bethany!
We surprised her with a rocking horse when she woke up this morning and then headed to the strawberry field after lunch.
After looking at the animals and picking for 30 minutes, we were all hot and ready for some ice cream.  Not many of us were hungry, though, because of all the snacking on the strawberries!
Bethany loves strawberries, and kept eating and eating and eating them:)
While eating ice cream, my dad said to Bethany,
"Happy birthday, Boo Boos!"
She looked at him for a second and then laughed,
"No dad!  ME!" 
Hurray for the 2nd Bethany quote!
During nap time my mom and I made strawberry short cake.
It turned out great and was a huge hit!
Then it was time for gifts.  I don't have many pictures because the lighting was so bad and the camera cant take good pictures with bad lighting. 
So I took a break and enjoyed watching Bethany open her gifts.
We had a great day today!
Bethany is such a sweet and silly little girl, and we are so blessed her family!

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Evan said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! It is so fun watching you grow up through your sister's beautiful photos. May God bless you Bethany!

Strawberry fave!