Bethany Quote 2

Kaden and Bethany were playing with my hair.
They were combing, brushing, and putting clips in.
Kaden worked on placing a hair clip in just the right place,
and when he finally got it there he told Bethany,
"Defany, don't touch this.  Ok, Defany?  Don't touch this!"
Bethany looked at him, then the clip and said
"Let it go!"

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Gandy said...

I owe you such a huge apology....since I have had my Ipad, I have been spending all my free time trying to figure out how to use it and I realized when I saw Dad and the boys getting out of the car, that it had been waaaay too long since I read your blog. Thankfully, your latest posts are still here and I could catch up on your posts. Again, I am reminded of your way with words and wondering if someday what you say and the pictures you have taken will be used as a teaching tool for others in some way! Be in touch again tomorrow....