Bethany Update

"Bitty, you finished, your math?"  Bethany asked me this morning.
"No, not quite, but I'm working on it," I replied.
"Ok.  I count," Bethany told me and proceeded to say,
"3, 10, 15, 16, 18... Bitty, you done now?"
I just cant seem to get over how completely adorable Bethany is!
At 2 years old, she is the spunkiest, cutest and simply best 2 year old I know!

If you haven't picked this up yet,
We're smitten with the youngest Gilbarte!

We're still working on potty training.  Not there yet, but definitely on our way.
She gets excited about "big girl undies" and no diapers.
We're excited about those things too!
Just not so excited about the accidents that happen! :)

Bethany is learning how to obey the first time,
and how to handle when she gets angry/frustrated.
Her natural tendency is the throw whatever she is holding when she gets upset,
and we are working on that. 
She's definitely learning!

Bethany loves to read books, go outside, and play with play-dough.
Play dough is her newest thing, and she really likes it!
When she's outside, she likes to swing or go on the trampoline, or sometimes the sandbox.

As far as talking, Bethany is making leaps and bounds!
She is doing sooooo well, and speaks in clear, understandable sentences.
We love to hear her talk.
Her voice is so sweet and innocent.  Consequently she is a little bit spoiled!

And her hair...
Bethany's hair is long and curly, and beautiful!
She has her *first* hair appointment tomorrow, and we'll see how she does...:)
I'm really exited to see it braided and/or styled professionally.
Certainly we'll have a blog post there.

So, friends, here is you Bethany Update.  I hope you were able to gather how amazing and well our little princess is doing.  Though, like any two years old, she has tantrums, quirks and all, she is the best little sister I could asked for, and we are super blessed with her!


Gandy said...

How I love reading your posts....You show so much love for your family - all of us. I start to think of the adorable child you were, and the young woman you are now and I feel so blessed to be in your life! I love you, Gandy

Evan said...

I love your last photo of Bethany-so beautiful! You are quite the talented photographer!

Anonymous said...

Yep, there should be a law that you could not post any photos without at least one of Brittany. She is a star.
Thanks for the blog, love to see kids from DR Congo do well.
A. Nielsen

Anonymous said...

Sorry should have been Bethany got your names mixed up.

Ashleigh Stem said...

I love reading your blog so much! :) I am wanting to mail you a letter, but I don't have your address. Is there anyway I can get it? If you are ok with it you can post your email address in the comments.

Brittany said...

Hey Ashleigh! My Mom isn't comfortable with me leaving my email address online. But my Mom has your mom's email address. I'll send your mom my email tomorrow (Sept. 26) . Does that work? SOOOO excited to get your letter! I miss you a lot and can't wait to catch up with you:)

Brittany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashleigh Stem said...

That is ok, I wouldn't feel comfortable about it either, but I just wanted to ask and see. Thank you