Cousins Visit September, 2014

Last week our cousins came to visit!
We had such an awesome time with them!
We were very busy the entire time and had our day pack full of fun.
Kaden and Emily are best friends, and they had an awesome time together.
The rest of the bigger kids rip-sticked, played football, four-square, cards, board games, and swam.
I enjoyed all of those things as well, but always managed to find time to squeeze in photography!
Oh, Kaden and Emily.... You two crack me up!
Kaden with straight hair... too funny!
Nutty buddies!
the mustang was a hit!  Everyone loves it!
Bethany and that crazy hippo.  sometimes we all want to throw it out the window.
thanks so much for coming to see us, Gilbartes!
We had a blast!


Anonymous said...

We are so lucky to have so much of our family close enough to visit ....You even have your Mom and Dad's families .....Thiink that is almost unheard of! Love you guys, Gandy

David said...

I wasn't there :(