Week 4.5 ~ Greenville, SC

With Dreher Island as my favorite campground thus far, Greenville, SC has to be my favorite town yet. As a junior, I went with Trinity to Greenville on a college visit to Bob Jones University.  Memories from that trip are some of my favorite from my Trinity years.  There were only seven students going, prompting the leadership to forego the roomy bus for the church van for the rather long trek. Turns out we sacrificed little by doing so, finding the lively conversations, games and funny stories prompted by us being so close far outweighing any former notion of personal space. The college itself was nice enough, and the classes were extremely insightful. Many Biblical thoughts and insights still stick with me from classes and a chapel service we attended.  The memories made on the trip will be with me for a long while yet.
This time around it was Brandon's turn to experience BJU with Trinity for a basketball camp held there.  I have to admit I was rather jealous - several days at college with a school so dear to my heart? Never mind that I never cared a thing for basketball and the students attending were all younger boys, Trinity + BJU simply equaled me wishing I could be there. 
But of course I couldn't so I went with Brandon to check in, asked him to FaceTime me at some point (he didn't), and left with the family for the campground.
The campsite was a far cry from our old spot on the lake, and the paved space for the RV was so bumpy with under-grown roots grown that the two front wheels of the RV stood nearly a foot of the ground when the RV was leveled! However, the spot served its purpose and we were out in the city for much of our time in Greenville.

One plus of the campground was that the sweetest cat lived there. I'm far from a cat person - I honestly rather dislike them - but this cat was the sweetest, and a great buddy for the week!

 Sometimes RV life means you grill several meals a week - rain or shine!

The campground also had a rather historical pond from the mid 1900's that seemed to be a popular gathering place for families, friends and groups.  There was a nice little trail around the pond and under a little waterfall made by the dam.

Enjoying the city was certainly my favorite part of our time there, however, and it didn't take long for downtown Greenville to have me under its charm.  Little stores, restaurants and coffee shops lined the streets as people walked along the sidewalks chatting.  The area was nicely kept, growing, and seemed absolutely ideal for small business to thrive.  I was charmed!   It reminded me a bit of Washington DC with its many attractions such museums, historical monuments, theaters and such, though it was much less crowded. The younger kids even got to go to children's museum which they really enjoyed.  

A great highlight of our time there was getting to have coffee with an old friend of mine I haven't seen for years. It was nice getting to catch up with her and hear what her future plans are. Last time we saw each other was the summer between our 8th and 9th grade year.  We've gone from little girls heading into high school to young women ready for college.  Time has gone quickly. 

Another plus of visiting Greenville was being able to accomplish a few steps toward getting my Bulgarian visa. Very exciting! 

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