Week 5.5 ~ the Ark

After hitting the creation museum Thursday and Friday, we had an off day Saturday and spent the day with some of dad's old friends at the campground.  Sunday morning we went to an early service at a church nearby, hit the RV for a quick lunch, and left for the ark.
For anyone not familiar with the Creation Museum and Ark replica here in Kentucky, they were created to give a Biblically accurate, God honoring, scientifically correct view of creation and the early years of the earth.  The one year anniversary of the opening of the ark was just a few days ago, and they are continually adding new touches and aspects to both the museum and the ark. The ark replica is as exact to the Biblical account as possible. It is the exact size, and the inside is structured in a way that was likely very similar to how Noah and his family lived in it.  The design team did a lot of research into how the cages, feeding systems and other operations would have likely been designed, though much of it is an educated guess since the Bible doesn't say for sure. Even so, it was very interesting! 
 One of my favorite aspects of the ark were displays like these that give Biblical explanations to hard questions such as suffering.  There were also displays that help explain how we can know the Bible is true and other valuable resources. 
There was also a little petting zoo outside the younger kids enjoyed.
After the ark, mom and dad treated us to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. When Kaden saw David's dinner, he got really excited. "David," Kaden exclaimed, "It's just like an ark!"