Christmas Parade

We just got back from Kaden's first Christmas parade.
He had a blank stare on his face for most of the time, and didn't really understand what was going on.
"Why are all these people out side on a cold night?"  He must have been wondering.
Once, a person dressed up as a gorilla came up and ruffled Brandon hair.  That terrified Kaden and on the way home he kept saying,
"Monkey, careful!  Brandon owie.  Careful monkey.  Do lingo monkey no. (i don't like the monkey)"
Something else funny happened two nights ago, too.
We were outside and saw that a tree had been "decorated"  Shoes and other things hung on it.
Kaden kept looking at it and thought it was so funny. 
"Crazy Americans put shoes on trees and dress up like animals,!"  he must think!

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