Christmas {part one}

This may have been the best Christmas for my family!
Last year at this time we did know that we were going to adopt, but were still considering different countries.
We actually thought that we would be adopting from Lesotho, and made Christmas cookies with the flags.
And this year we have 2 more kids from DRC who have been home for three months!
It was so much fun with Kaden this year.
I think this was probably the his first year that Christmas was celebrated,
and although I would have like to be able to explain what Christmas is all about, we'll just have to get to that when he can understand better.
Christmas Eve we went to my mom's parent's.  We all enjoyed seeing family that we don't get to be around often, and Kaden made new friends.
When it was time for presents, Kaden probably got more than anybody!  People kept giving him things to open which he loved. 
At one point he opened a HUGE (as in 2 or 3 feet long) firetruck that moved and made noises.
That was his favorite thing ever.
He started playing with it,
but other people kept trying to give him gifts.  At one point he said,
"No, all done!"  He wanted them them to leave him alone so he could play!

Bethany fared well, too.  She was the center of attention and got the cutest little toys and clothes!
Christmas day we were home and had a wonderful time.  We opened presents and stockings and simple had fun knowing it was Christmas.
The last present that Kaden got was a workshop and when he saw it
his eyes lit up.  He ran over to it and said,
"David touch, no!  Brandon touch, no!  Kadi touch!"
Yes, it is all his.
I hope every else had a wonderful Christmas, and I'll be posting about the rest of ours soon!

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Emma said...

So cute! I love Bethany's leopard print outfit!