When you look at this picture what words come to mind?
Maybe joy,
Kaden is loved and accepted.  He trusts and loves us back. 
We have been enormously blessed that he had always seemed to trust my mom and dad, and that he loved and trusted the rest of us so quickly.
His sense of right and wrong is amazing.
He knows what is wrong,
he wants to do right.
and when he does something wrong feels very bad about it.
Once after getting into a scrape with Brandon, he felt so bad about it that it was all he talked about.
At dinner he kept explaining it to my dad and me (we weren't there at the time) what had happened, although we didn't ask him.
It bothered him so  much that he still mentions it days afterward.
I'm so glad he understands, and that we were blessed with his wonderful personality.
 He is one sweet little boy! 


Ireland said...

He is just precious! I really love those pictures! And I've awarded you at my blog! :)

Gandy said...

Just the look on his face tells you that he KNOWS that he is loved and that that changes everything. He is as lucky to have you all as you are to have him!