Oh, Brother

I did a photo shoot with my brother David a little while ago, and the pictures are prize winners!  He is such a hoot - here is a little about       David:

he says he wants to be a rock star, or gymnast when he grows up
he loves anything electronic
he is a little out of control sometimes
loves loud and "rocky" music
is the family comedian
and the list goes on.  My brother is a handful, hilarious, cute, and little frustrating sometimes, but he is still my brother and we all love him.
Ok, I'll stop rambling now and let you see the pictures.  Prepare to be amazed:
This one I really like!

And this one...

and this one.

Ok, I love all of them:)

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Michlyn said...

Awesome! :)

Can't wait to see your entry for my photo challenge! Email or post it on your blog.