"That's not for your hair... is it?"

We went to the hair store for the first time today to look at and familiarize ourselves with African hair products.  We went down several isles and finally stopped to look some hair oil someone had recommended.  After a couple of seconds an employee walked over and bended down next to us,"that's not for your hair... is it?" she whispered,  "because I don't think that would work..." 
We explained to her that, "no, it wasn't for our hair," and that we were adopting a little girl from Africa.  She was very helpful and excited for us.  But it sure was funny that she thought we were looking at African hair products for ourselves!


running4him said...

hahaa, great story!!))

Lisa s said...

Brittany, that is funny. You know I would be happy to help with hair:) love your blog, I found out about it through Mrs. Laura Todd. Can't wait to meet your brother and sister!