Waiting and an update

Time is going so quickly, yet so slow at the same time.  The first half of the year flew past, and the second is quickly marching away too. 
 It is crazy to think that around this time next MONTH, our lives will be changed forever, and we will have two new little blessings in our house.   A month can seem forever, or just a second away, but either way it is coming and will be here before we know it.
Sometimes people ask if I'm "crazy excited" that my little siblings will be here soon, and yeah, I'm more excited that I can say.  But I really don't think about it a lot, because if I do I think I'll go nuts before this never-ending-30 or 40-days are over.  Waiting is really so hard.  I know that we have been blessed beyond imagining, and that things have go miraculously fast for us.  I know that, and I don't take it for granted.  But still the wait is hard. 
But anyway I'll fill you in on what we are waiting for.  My dad is leaving in a couple weeks to go to the embassy app. in Congo, then he'll come back for a week or so and both my mom and dad will fly back to Congo for around two weeks, and then they'll come home with two more Gilbartes.
I'll stop rambling now, and let you get back to what ever you are doing, but thanks for "reading me out:)"

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Michlyn said...


I pray for you & your family often! Pray the transition isn't too hard for your new little brother, since he will have a better grasp that his life is being changed.

Your little sister is oh so sweet and little, and I can't wait to see their pictures!