Fall Fun

I love fall.
I love the cool weather, and the crunch of fallen leaves,
and the pumpkins...
After a long, hot summer the cool air feels so nice,
and so perfect for the fun we are having out side.
Brandon is becoming a master at the ripboard, and David is learning scary fun new tricks on the skate board.
And Kaden is right there with them!
No, no skate boards or anything like that yet, but so far he's pretty content with his bike and scooter.
I've been able to get some really cute pictures the outside fun.

I love my family!
What's your favorite thing about fall?


Kelly said...

My favorite thing about this fall is getting to see my new neice and nephew...can. not. wait!!!!

Gandy said...

It seems that God paints the world this time of year - for the sole purpose of reminding us that He is with us! Watching children jumping in piles of fall leaves has always been my favorite....