Kaden's Firsts

Four days! Bethany and Kaden have been home for 4 wonderful day!
They are so amazing, and they are so, so, so perfect!

Of course I remember well what it was like to be a family of five,
but being a family is seven is just so incredible

I cannot get over how wonderful they both are!
Especially Kaden, because he has had so many changes to go through,
but he is adjusting so quickly and so well,
We are enjoying watching him experience so many firsts!
So many, in fact, that I'm dedicating an entire post to it!
His first time in the swing is so cute!  He knew what it was, and when looked out the window on his first morning home, he squealed with delight.


Another thing he is really enjoying are walkie talkies,
he was so excited when David turned it on for him, and then went into the other room and started talking into it!
He was yelling a lot of Lingalan words, but I only recognized "hello" and "I love you".

Also, one of my favorite things about Kaden, are his hugs!
Once I had been up stairs getting ready to go somewhere,
and when I came back down, he acted like I had been gone all day.
he ran up to be and gave a huge hug!

And the slide...
He loves the slide!
We played on it for a long time this morning.
Something really funny that he did, was he tolf me to sit at the bottom of the slide,
and then he climbed up the ladder, chuckling to himself all the time, and then slid, feet first, down the slide into me.
He thought is was so funny!
Here's a video of his first time on the slide:

I've been working on this post for 2 days now,
but I promise I'll try to write and publish another soon!


Gandy said...

Wow! What a great time you are showing to your new sweetie! Looks like the rest of your family is enjoying these new things as much as K does!!!What a joyful family you are..And we love you sooooo much...

Emma said...

Aww, your brother is so cute! You are the perfect older sister for him!

Michlyn said...

Aww cute! Those first few months are so surreal.

His hugs... that's adorable. But of course he has said goodbye to quite a few people in his life, so it can actually seem like you ARE leaving them... Just something to think about. I remember going to my uncle's wedding the day after my sister got home and I said goodbye and said I would be back but she just stared at me like... Really you're leaving me already?!

Blessings and prayers coming your way!

Kelly said...

Oh, Britt! I love all the updates. Kaden's smile is just contagious. I got all teary when he yelled Momma from the swing. He. is. home. and he knows it!!