Loving This

I love so many things about having Bethany and Kaden home.
I love the baby that Bethany is,
I love how happy she stays.
I love to make her smile.

 And her hair! It is so long and so soft!  (More about this later:))
And Kaden...
I love the enthusiasm, and the simple joys!
Such as taking a bath,
like having 5 pairs of shoes,
like eating snacks, and three big meals,
and playing with fun toys,
and having a Momma and a Papa,
and brothers and sisters to sing with in the bath tub...


Emma said...

So cute! I love their smiles!

Ruthie said...

Hey Brittany! I just stumbled upon your blog and noticed your 13 years old, too! I am 13 and have a blog about my sister's adoption! It's always so fun to meet other crazy-about-adoption- blogging teenagers! :) See you around!

The Mac Fam said...

Girl, they are THE cutest kids ever. Love their smiles! They are both so blessed to be part of your family. Love you guys. Can't wait to visit again soon.

Britt said...
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