One Week Ago Tonight...

One week ago tonight,
two grandparents sat with three kids in their living room, waiting.
for the last couple hours to pass before they would welcome home their parents,
and their two newest siblings.
Soon the time they had been waiting for would come,
and their lives would be changed forever.
At the same time that night,
two exhausted parents drove down the road in a white Jeep,
with their two newest children.
Two children who were very, very tired,
and not sure what was about to happen.
As they drove,
they waited.
Waited for the last couple of hours,
and then the last couple of minutes.
Finally they pulled into the driveway...
and were home...
And now it has been one week!  One week has passed since Bethany and Kaden came home.
It kind of feels like it has gone by quickly,
but it also feels as though they have always been here.
I'm so, so happy to be their big sister,
and to finally have a baby girl.
I love being a family of 7 so much...
even though so many changes have happened, they are all good changes.
Now I when I come home from co-op classes I look forward to coming home to a big, big, big hug,
and an excited little boy telling (in Lingala!) me everything he did that day.
Or like tonight,
when I opened the car door after soccer practice,
and got a great big hug from a little guy happy to see his big sister.
I can hardly believe that one week ago I didn't know that "yaca"meant come, or the "tae" meat no, or that "jimba" was swing.
I love these two, so, so, so much!



Gandy said...

It was worth the 6 hour trip home just to open your blog and see those beautiful faces looking up at us! I will sleep soundly knowing how well you are ALL doing...Thanks for keeping us up to date....

The Mac Fam said...

Your blog is the FIRST blog I look for for an update when I open my blog. I love all your updates and pictures. I know I get to see you guys all the time but there is still something so cool about reading about things from your perspective.

Noelle said...

Oh, so sweet! He is so cute! I love your blog, and all the posts on it ! They are so encouraging! Check my blog out here:

Noelle : )

Eric and Bethany said...

Just found your blog - am so happy that your family is finally altogether! What beautiful children! :)