Send-Off Party

"Brittany, what's that?" Bethany leans against my chair, watching me quietly. 
"It's a countdown," I answer.
"To Bulgaria?" I smile at her guess. 
"Yes, to Bulgaria." 
Everyday the number on that little countdown calendar dwindles just a bit, reminding us that my time in Bulgaria is really, truly coming - and fast! 
Saturday, several close friends and family members braved the frozen roads and freezing temperatures to gather together and celebrate the adventure of this new season.  
My heart was full as many of those who have meant so much to me shared well wishes, prayed over me, ate yummy food together, and were encouraged as we were reminded of the big plans God has for all of us.
Thank you to all of you who have supported me in my journey! You mean the world to me. 

 Brandon greets everyone and opens up 
 David introduces Pastor Cash - in a way only David can
Pastor Cash shares a devotion and memories
Dad speaks
Ms. Meloni, a long time missionary to Bulgaria, shares
 David speaks
 Granddad shares some wisdom
 Dean shares a memory
 Mrs. Rachel gives some encouragement 
 Ms. Holly speaks
Praying over me