Snow Day!

It finally snowed in our part of North Carolina!
The snow started last night, around eight (according to Brandon)
and snowed until this morning.
It snowed slightly a while ago,
but not enough to stay, and play in.
We had a great time playing in the snow.
My Dad had a great idea to pull a knee board behind the car and ride around the neighborhood.  
It was a lot of fun! 

Kaden Quote 10

"Brush my piles!"  Kaden said one night as we were getting ready for bed.
"Your piles?" I questioned.  "Piles of what?"
"Teeth!" he answered.  "I have yas and yas (lots and lots) of piles!"
You heard it here, first!
Teeth now come in "piles"!

Bethany's big day

Bethany had a big day today!
It started out with a bang when she decided to pour her own cereal, and well, you'll see...
Then Dad went on duty while my mom and  went to thrift stores until lunch.
Lunch was pretty uneventful, and so was nap time.
After nap, we were off to see a puppet show put on by members of our church.
Bethany really enjoyed it! She even got to pet a dog puppet.
We dropped David and Kaden off to a hockey game that Brandon and my dad were at,
and went to Noodles and Company.
Where Bethany laughed, sang, smiled and generally behaved herself beautifully.
And then when we were about to go, I noticed she felt a little wet.
You know what that means...
Bethany had soaked right through her night time diaper and clothes.
So off the home and the bath it was.
There we go!
Now we're just reading books and hanging out with the sweetest little girl ever!

I Have a Dream...

"I have a dream that... little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers...."

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Introducing White Out

Our family just got bigger!
I never thought this would happen,
but we have a hamster in the house!
White Out joined the Gilbarte family Friday, January 10, 2014.
At Christmas,  Brandon and David present saying they were allowed to get a hamster.
It was their dream come true!
They did research and waited what felt to them like forever,
but it finally happened and now White Out is here.
looking at the hamsters
picking out White Out
getting accessories
at the check out line
putting White Out in his new home
Two happy boys!

Kaden Quote 9

This afternoon while Kaden was eating his snack,
I heard him talking loudly to someone.
I walked over and saw him talking into an old, non Apple cell phone
"Ms. Siri, make this phone work!
Ms. Siri, you hear me?"