TVR Christian Camp

We have been at TVR on the family retreat, and haven't been able to blog lately, but here is what we did.
TVR stands for Teen Valley Ranch, which is a Christian camp up in the mountains for families, or individuals to go and have fun in Christ centered environment.  They have everything from horses to zip-lines, and is a really great place.  They have sessions (church/bible studies) twice a day, and wonderful worship services.  It is a great place to go to seek God and pray.

What I have been up to...

Sorry I haven't blogged very much lately, but I have been busy with school among other things.  I had co-op classes this Monday, then met with a friend to do a science experiment.  Tuesday I had a field trip to the court house... and the list goes on.  We got back from Virginia this past Saturday. We had a really good time, and it was great spending so much time with two of my seventeen cousins.
It is still hard, and it always will be, coping with the loss off our referrals.  But we hope to hear something about other children soon.
Here are some pictures of what we have been up to:
Science experiments...

Mom babysat while I was on my field trip

Still In Virginia, and Loving It!

Yep, we are still in Virginia and loving it... mostly:)  We have done everything from movie watching to movie making, rollerblading to hiking and everything in between!  We have been have a good time and really enjoy hanging out with our cousins.  We went hiking yesterday, and i forgot to bring the camera, but we went again to day and i got some pretty good pictures.  My aunt, uncle, two cousins and my newest cousin Carson are getting home from Korea TOMORROW!  

Reporting From Virginia:

It has been hard coping with the loss of Chance and Benjamin, but we have had lots of distractions.  My aunt finally got the call to pick up her son Carson in Korea, and so we went to Virginia to stay with her two little girls.  We have had a really fun time, as you'll probably pick up from the pictures.  We played a baseball game, had an Easter egg hunt, played with bubbles, and well, a lot more.  Thanks for all of your prayers for our family.  We are just trusting that God has a plan in our adoption, and will give us the kids we are supposed to have.

A Really Hard Day...

It has been a really hard day for us.  We received news yesterday, (and it was confirmed today) that we will not be able to adopt Chance and Benjamin.  I can't go into detail, but we know that they are no longer adoptable at this point.  We are all really sad.  We had chosen names for them, we knew their story, their rooms were almost ready.  Benjamin's closet had the cutest little clothes and toys in it, and we had stuffed animals for Chance.  Now we are just praying that another little boy and girl will be able to use them.  We are still going to adopt, but it will take a lot longer now.  Please pray for our family, and that God's will will be done our adoption, and that he will take care of Chance and Benjamin now that we will not be able to.