What Would it mean to Say Yes?

What if I was to say yes to this?
To say yes every time God put it on my heart to do something uncomfortable?
I say I'm willing to do anything, but when the time comes, what do I actually do?
To whom do I actually listen and obey?

Today I said yes.  
Yesterday I said yes. 
God's given me the grace to say yes many times over the past year, 
but I sure have let out my share of no's.
And now, all I can do is pray for the grace to let my answer always be yes to God in the future. 

I want to do hard things for God.
I want more than anything else in the world to be used by Him.
I want to see God move, and I want to watch Him transform darkness into light...
It all starts now, I know that.
I do know that...
and I want my answer to be yes.  

If God can trust me to say yes when He provides smaller opportunities,
He can know that I'll be ready for the bigger ones.  

I'm going to say yes.
With God's grace, my answer to Him will always be yes,
and I'll watch Him change the world...
Through one yes at a time.