Kaden Quotes #2

Kaden can say the funniest things!
While we were out on a walk,
 he bent down to pick up a golf ball.
"Ah!" he exclaimed, "I rescue you!"
He picked it up and put in in the bike's basket.
Then with a cruel smile on his face he said,
"Hah! I putta you in a cage!"

Kaden Quotes

We were looking through a container of animals earlier today,
and Kaden pulled one out and said turning to us,
"Caterpillars turn into a butterflies!"
"yes, that's right!  My mom answered.  "Where did you learn that?"
"At church," replied Kaden.
"That caterpillar can turn into a butterfly [just like this ]
 bumble bee can turn into a grasshopper!"


Recently something hit me.
David has grown up.
A lot. 
He's gone from a little boy with an adult personality to
a very talented athletic young man
David is really amazing.
He is great with Kaden and Bethany and we can always count on him to make them laugh.
He loves anything challenging and athletic
and is in level 5 men's gymnastics.
He goes to practice 2.5 hours Monday - Thursday and in thriving in it.
He really doesn't like school,
but is good at it.
He is really a goof ball and tries to get us to laugh,
but he can also be really sweet and sensitive.
David can drive us bananas sometimes,
but we love him soooo much and are so thankful for him.
You rock, David!

Snap Shot Sunday

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.
I don't know if these pictures speak quite that many, but they do speak a lot,
so I'll let them explain themselves.
Happy Sunday!

1 Year Home

 On October 4, 2012, the change in our lives
that we had hoped for, prayed for and dreamed about, happened.
It was an amazing day,
and one that we'll remember forever.
It was the day Kaden and Bethany arrived home.
What a year it has been! 
It hasn't been all wonderful and perfect,
not at all.
But it was a year that has made us all stronger as individuals and as a family.
We've gone through some crazy hard struggles.
But we've also gone through some amazing times.
we've laughed, we've cried.
Our faith has been tested and our strength has been tried.
My strength failed.
But God ALWAYS came through!
So many changes have taken place in this year.
Kaden and Bethany are completely different!
Kaden has gone from a languid little toddler,
to a strong, silly, full of personality little man!
It is crazy how he is completely unlike the Kaden only 12 months ago.
He is so curious now!
He asks why about everything.  and I mean everything!

And Bethany...
She has changed so much too.
She's come from a sweet little 5 month baby to a cute, active toddler.

I can't believe that an entire year has passed.
We were talking about it,
and sometimes it still feels like they just got home.
Sometimes in the back of my mind it feels just like a really long babysitting job.
But I'm so thankful it's not.  These two are here to stay.
And even though it can be really tiring and hard sometimes,
we wouldn't have it any other way!
Here's a song named Come On In,
that my dad sent me over a year ago.
even though the song is about being saved I think it relates to adoption very well.