Kaden Quote 19

Kaden:  Can you help me putta this on?
Can you help me putta this on?
Can you help me putta this on?
Can you help me putta this on?
Me: Ok.
Kaden: No!  I can do it.

Bethany Quote 6

Dad heard this Bethany quote,
and told us about it tonight.
Bethany is sorta-kinda potty training.
Sometimes she has a diaper, sometimes she doesn't.
On this particular afternoon she didn't, and was playing outside.
My dad walked out into the garage and saw a big puddle of water.
He saw a water bottle turned over and thought maybe the water was from that.
After cleaning it up, he went to find Bethany.
"Bethany," he asked, "did you spill your water?"
"No." she answered, "pee-pee!"

Brandon's Braces

Today Brandon got braces!
He is supposed to have them for about 2 years, so he'll be 14 when he gets them off.
I think by that time he'll be taller than me:(
I got braces at age 10, and had them for over 4 years.
Hopefully he won't have them that long.
He seems to be ok with them,
and says they don't hurt.
Here he is before braces:
and with braces:
I think he looks older with them.
What do you think?

Playing in the Sprinkler

We enjoy sprinklers,
and this one, is particularly fun!
I think Brandon or David bought it at AWANA (a church program) one year,
and it's been used and enjoyed every summer since.
One of their favorite things to do is fun and jump on it.
Look at their faces.  David has the aha, gotcha! face, and Brandon looks apprehensive.
Sprinklers are one of our favorite summer toys. 
What are some of yours?

Enjoying Summer with Kailie....

Earlier this summer, we had our cousin Kailie come to stay with us for the day.
She is a real sweetie, and fun to be around.
At this point, the pool was freezing cold,
but she insisted she "likes it cold," and was determined to stick it out.
And she did!
All day.
Kaden was in and out of the shower trying to warm up after being in the pool,
and Brandon got in too for a while.
I got some pretty cute pictures of them playing.
which is your favorite?

Humming Birds

When we went to my mom's parent's house,
we were pleasantly surprised by all the humming birds.
There were so many, and they were amazing!
Aren't they beautiful?
Happy Thursday!

Summer flowers


and here's the sweetest flower of them all!

Happy Wednesday!

Summer Days for Kaden {Pictures}

Kaden loves to play outside.
He really likes water, and enjoys swimming so much.
One thing he really likes to do is play with the hose outside. 
I like it too, because it is a great photo opportunity. :)

Bethany Quote 5

Close to bedtime one night, Kaden and Bethany were playing together. 
Soon it was time to get ready for bed, and I called them to come upstairs.
They were having a fun time playing and took a while to come.
"who's going to be the first listener?"  I asked.
Bethany looked up and without hesitation said,

July 4 and 5

For July 4, we went to my grandparent's house in VA.
They live on a lake, so we had so much fun tubing, boating, swimming and hanging out there!
Friday, the day we got there, I took Bethany out in the paddle boat.
I was able to get some really good pictures of her, and the lake.
She is in a stage where she is very willing that I take pictures of her, but when I tell her to smile, she'll say,
"Cheeeeeese!" and do a funny sort of smile.
So I try, (or enlist one of the boys to help me!) to make her laugh.
Look at her!  Isn't she gorgeous???
Kaden also came for a while.
and here is the tree of us.
We couldn't believe it, but three baby raccoons showed up while we were there!
They were adorable!
Later that night we went in the boats to see the fireworks.
Unfortunately, the lights in the boats stopped working and we had to go home before the fireworks started.  We were really bummed.  That happened two years ago, too!
The boys went in  the speed boat and were able to see the fireworks.
Kaden went in the boat with the rest of us, but we knew he was disappointed not to be allowed to go with the boys.  As we were pulling away from the dock, he shouted,
"Good bye, girls!" to them.  We had a good laugh over that.  He's never said anything like that before.
July 5th, I had a great time taking pictures of my cousins.  I got some really good ones, too!

Kaden Quote 18

Today a we had a few friends over.
We had a fun afternoon in the pool, and playing around outside.
At one point they started talking about Bethany.
"She's such a cute baby!"  they said.
As soon as they said the word "baby" Kaden got very defensive.
"Him's not a baby!" he said. "Him's a big girl!"