Home Again, Home Again

It's been nearly one month since we rolled back into Greenville, home, schedules, and normalcy. 
By the end of our summer adventure, we had spent over 100 days in the RV. 
For this big, busy (and loud!) family, that is certainly something to be proud of. 
We've had our ups, we've had our downs. There were times I felt like I couldn't take another second of RV life, and times when I almost dreaded the conclusion of our time together. 
"Overall," people asked, "what was the best part of the trip?" After pondering the question a moment, we'd probably answer that it was being able to spend so much time together.
"And the hardest part?" another may wonder.  Ironically (or maybe not so ironically) the answer is one and the same - so much time together. 

We saw some amazing places, experienced some incredible things, and got to see parts of our country we will likely never glimpse again.  Though some of my most sought after times were relatively quiet hikes through the mountains, my most cherished moments were the times we all sat around a bonfire reading, talking, laughing... as a family. 

Now that we're home, regular life has begun setting in again. Eating dinner all together - something that happened every day on our trip - is rarely possible.  Schedules are filling back up, routinely checking the calendar is becoming necessary, and the pace of life is picking back up.  Our RVing season has come to a close... for now.

A little walk down memory lane... 

Month One

Month Two:

Month Three:

Month Four:

It's been an amazing journey. Thanks for joining us on it!