I have to write a quick post because my family is coming to our house to celebrate Thanksgiving.  They will be here by 1:00.  My brother just came in to tell me that my second cousins are here.  I gotta go; have a great day!!!

A house full of Gilbartes

Our house was completely full of Gilbartes last Wednesday, (Nov. 16) through Sunday.  Here are some pictures:

Quintin, the youngest...so far:)

Emily, the only girl in a family of 5 boys.

Forming an obstacle course 

Emily and Kevin

Before the Friday  night play

Aunt Michelle and baby Quintin  (before the play)

After the play

A group shot (minus Quintin, Brandon and David)

Brandon and Nathan(the oldest) made an awesome k'nex double Ferris Wheel (candid shot)

The 'not candid' shot 

They're Here!

This is the video I took when my dads brother and his family arrived. Pictures tomorrow!  Notice how long he took to drive through the banner?  Uncle jokster!!

Family Fun

Okay, so some of my family came to visit and see the play.  We had so much fun!!  We played everything from 'capture the flag' to 'nerf wars'.  They left today and i really miss them already.  Pictures later.

Soccer Saturday

Sadly Saturdays was the last day of fall soccer.  Both David and I played this fall.  I had an awesome team, who cared more about having fun than winning.  Sadly most of the other teams cared more about winning than having fun.  One girl actually commented to her team mate,
"There coach encourages them, our coach just yells at us."
My coaches really were awesome, I really going to miss playing.  My team got second place in the championship.

David thinks playing goaly is a little boring 

Half time

Taken by David, who you can see in Mom's glasses.

I'm watching my awesome friend Megan, get her metal.

Pajama Tuesday

Tuesday was pajama day at smiles and frowns!!  About half the cast came in their p.j.s!  Sorry, I didn't take the camera Wednesday, so only Monday pics.  Today is dress rehearsal!

A Treat for Dad

My mom and I have been wanting to make a dessert for my dad, but we were always missing a key ingredient: the mint chocolate kisses.  We were in Target when we saw a package of kisses, and yesterday we made the dessert!

   Monday's practice, though late, went really well.  I took lots of great pictures and had a hard time deciding which to post and which not to, so I posted a lot.  The Witch and her army have to scream to let the audience know we are coming.  We were having a problem screaming loud enough backstage, so we had a screaming contest and would scream at each other.  lol!! 

Feneris Ulf giving Edmund the evil eye

This is one of my favorites

Some of the youngest actresses; the spring flowers!

The Sarter talking the Mr. Beaver. 

This is Cassie, one of the witch's army.  We got to be the models for the other part of the armies make-up and hair.

Lucy and Susan taking off the banner to reveal the broken stone table. 

Up Coming Play Practice

This week we have crazy play practice times; 6:45 to 9:15.  Some people, (including me!) have to come earlier some days.  My mom said I could bring her camera, so I'll post some 'better' pictures and video tomorrow.  Have a great Monday!
For those of you who do not know, I’m in a play with our local children’s theater.  The play is The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, from the Chronicles of Narnia series.  I don’t have a big part in this play, but I really enjoy being able to be in it at all.  Some of my best friends have major parts in the play, and it’s fun interacting with them as your character.  Another thing I have noticed it that almost all the “big” parts are played by home-schoolers, which makes sense, because most of ‘normal’ schooled kids wouldn’t have enough time to really have a large part.  Here are a few pictures of Thursday’s practice: 
                     All three of these actors are home-schooled, Aslan, Peter and Feneris Ulf

Feneris Ulf fighting Peter

The actors who play Peter, Edmund and Lucy are home-schooled.  "Susan", who I went to kindergarten with, goes to a private school.

Three more home-schoolers; Mr. Tumnus, Mr. Beaver and Mrs. Beaver

My camera isn’t that good…so some of pictures are blurry and it is probably hard to follow the video. It is of Peter fighting with Feneris Ulf.  The actors didn’t fight quite as well as normal, but I still think the fight was really good. 
What is really neat about this play, is all the fighting scenes (about 3 or 4).  We even have a fighting instructor, who has taught us a whole lot; how to fall :), who to play fight (big difference between play fighting and real fighting) a swipe sequence, and so many things it would take a page to type it all.