Monday's practice, though late, went really well.  I took lots of great pictures and had a hard time deciding which to post and which not to, so I posted a lot.  The Witch and her army have to scream to let the audience know we are coming.  We were having a problem screaming loud enough backstage, so we had a screaming contest and would scream at each other.  lol!! 

Feneris Ulf giving Edmund the evil eye

This is one of my favorites

Some of the youngest actresses; the spring flowers!

The Sarter talking the Mr. Beaver. 

This is Cassie, one of the witch's army.  We got to be the models for the other part of the armies make-up and hair.

Lucy and Susan taking off the banner to reveal the broken stone table. 

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with these memerised this should be esey just make sure you don't get weisy
first one is freddy second is bob third one is nothing so no one is joe