Thursday and Friday...

So here are the promised pictures from play practice.  These are pictures from the dress rehearsal last night.  It went really well, and we are READY for opening night, which is tonight.  
Hanging out in the green room


Katie, and I are the Indian women

Little Mazie, who is only five is SO amazing in her acting abilities! 

Is it time for me to go on?

Today, we got up really early this morning to go to travel to the place where we would get immigration fingerprints.  My mom and dad got up at 3:45 am, and I got up at 4:45ish, and Brandon and David got up and went to the car in their pajamas at around 5:00.  We have had long nights with the play practices and early mornings, but I love it.  One more step in the adoption DONE!
It was still dark when we first arrived



Play Rehearsal...

A while ago I wrote a post about getting into a play at our local theater. (you can read it here)   I have been meaning to take pictures to post, but I keep forgetting to bring a camera.  Opening night is this Friday, and we have been having LOTS of long rehearsals.  This week we have had practice every night from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.  I'll be posting some pictures tomorrow hopefully!  If you live in North Carolina and would like to come to the play, you can get directions from the website  (

Home-school co-op

I go to a homeschool co-op every Monday for a science and writing class.  I loved it last year, but this year my classes are a lot harder, and we don't have as much free time.  It is still fun, but i did enjoy it more when i had more free time.
Playing out side

my buddies, Grace and Allie

A Very Wet Saturday

Brandon had a baseball game today... a very wet one.  His team started strong, but something happened in the middle and they ended up loosing by two points.  After his game we went home for a little bit, then to do some errands.

Five Kids Practice

Two of our friends were over today.  We got a little taste of what it will be like home schooling five kids.  It was a lot of fun.  We made a seven minute movie, started to play capture the flag and generally had a lot of fun.  Can't wait for our little kids!

Where I have Been...

For the past few days I have been with my family (grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles) at Virginia Beach for St. Patrick's day Shamrock celebration.  My grandfather ran the half marathon, and a bunch of my cousins and I ran the mile race.  My cousin Lindsey, who is five ran it too!  She ran the whole mile and actually ran it!  She is a really fast, strong runner and it was so much fun to run with her.  We had a great time.  Thanks Gandy and Pop!

there were SOOOO many people, probably about a million! 


More people

Hanging out in the hotel



David, Uncle Tim and Lucy in the backround

Brandon and David

Ben, (back row) Brandon, Nick, Brittany, David, Lindsey and Lucy

Ethan and Lindsey at the end of the race

You're Forgetting Something...

I think our seasons are  forgetting about something:  Winter and Spring are seasons too!  The first day of Winter it was 70°F, and it is still Winter and it is 80°F.  This is too hot for me!  We live in North Carolina, not Florida, and so we should have cooler weather, right?

Changes Part 1

So we got bunk beds Saturday, set them up Sunday and we are getting used to them today!  We found them on Craig's List, and two hours later we were hauling them upstairs!  We still have a lot to do, but we have got one big step done.  Please continue to pray for us!
loading it inside

cleaning, cleaning, cleaning it:)

Moving Brandon's old bed out.

putting David's bed in the playroom

where David's bed was.

The rest of the room...

Brandon's room- minus the old bed

moving Brandon's bed into David's room


The bunk beds are IN!