Buying Baby Things Again!!

We went to a consignment sale and got some baby things!  For the first time in years, we get to buy those cute little toys and things!  We got a "dressing dolls" thing, baby einstein alphabooks and videos, and a book. 


Michlyn said...

Oh that's so fun! I'm hoping that we get a baby referral or very young child. Of course, older would be ok too, but I love baby things! :)

running4him said...

Cool, yeah being a missionary is the best!! I have been on the field (with a furlough) since 1999, so I grew up as a MK. Now, I am doing my own missionary work here, but I am going to be a missionary in Republic of the Congo. At the moment though it is closed to missionaries. So, I am just praying and waiting. Nice pictures!!