It is Moving Along!!!

We got our fingerprint notice today!!!!  Everything is really moving along!  Also we have been talking about room rearrangements etc.  We are thinking that Brandon and David will share a room, (they pretty much do already) Chance and I will share, and Benjamin will get his own room:)  We have A LOT of work to do in a SHORT time!

Who is this?

Ommm, I'm not sure...

Oh, it's David!!  (It was wacky tacky night at Awana's)
The moon last night was so beautiful...


Michlyn said...

Oh yay! Praying for the rest of your journey to go quickly! Remind me, who were you referred? One or two kiddos?

Those pictures of the moon are beautiful!


Brittany said...

thanks Michlyn!! We were referred two beautiful children, an almost four year old girl, and an almost one year old boy.

Michlyn said...

Your welcome! Oh that's so exciting! My sister was about 4 when she came home too! :) It's a good by sometimes challenging age, because of trauma that they could of experienced. But we love her, and help her learn everyday!

God knows the plan!

Anonymous said...

wow he looks really waky I bet brandon was wackyer